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the vampires have taken over.

2/4/12 06:41 pm - jesta_ariadne - hi!

...because I dun want this comm deleted XD

8/25/06 02:45 pm - jesta_ariadne - So, um... screencaps, anyone??

...........what? XD

Just a couple of Thea so far....

Thea explains it allCollapse )

Later ep.... maybe season 2??Collapse )

7/3/06 12:37 am - linakitten

Gwaha. *writes* </end>

7/2/06 08:21 am - jesta_ariadne - ...layout.

Umm, so yes, there are now lilies... Hm, change as desired!

6/30/06 10:13 pm - jesta_ariadne - HELLO TESTING


this is a story about vampires ........... school.

And vampires,

But not mainly vampires!!!!!

Just reality disturbances and stuff as well...

and alchemy.

and vampires turn up a bit too.

Aaaaaaaaand one of them is called Valentine, although we don't know that until later, so shh. He plays chess with himself in a basement of a flat with lilies growing in window boxes inside with no light. He wears carpet slippers and a cool dressing gown (he looks good in a dressing gown, so he has been told). He drinks only red wine, saké, and mead, when he's in the party mood.
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